Introduction The circular economy: a necessity in view of Luxembourg's limited resources

In a circular economy, the production and exchange of goods and services and the creation of socio-economic value are based on the circular management of stocks and flows of materials, taking into account the limits and regenerative capacities of our planet. It is therefore essential to provide a common vision of the implementation of the circular economy in Luxembourg and practical guidance to citizens, companies, municipalities and public authorities.

Faced with crucial challenges related to the availability and distribution of resources, but above all with the adverse social and environmental impacts of our current production and consumption patterns, the strategy was developed jointly by four ministries, namely the Ministry of Energy and Spatial Planning, the Ministry of the Economy, the Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development and the Ministry of Finance.

On February 8, 2021, the Minister of the Economy, Mr. Franz Fayot, the Minister for the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development, Mrs. Carole Dieschbourg, and the Minister for Energy, Mr. Claude Turmes, presented the national "Circular Economy" strategy at a press conference. The strategy contributes to the implementation of the government program 2018-2023, which refers to the circular economy on a recurring basis. The videos below summarise key statements from the press conference, completed with a message from the Minister of Finance, Mr. Pierre Gramegna.

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