Strategy A toolbox for implementing the circular economy in Luxembourg


In Luxembourg, the government fully supports the Circular Economy and has developed a strategy to start delivering it. As the other sections of this website will show, Luxembourg is already well-placed to develop the economy and the environment of the future.

If the first step to enjoying the benefits of a Circular Economy is to understand the principles of how it works, the next step is to turn those principles into a methodology with practical policy levers to deliver it. In Luxembourg, the government has developed tools in three policy areas to encourage the Circular Economy: regulations, finance and knowledge. Wherever possible, all three levers will be used together to provide the best possible outcomes.

In each case, the different types of incentives and support are accompanied by a roadmap for the future, so that everyone knows what needs to be achieved, and when. Crucially, everyone in Luxembourg will need to play their part. Each of the three areas will have a wider ecosystem, which could include companies, authorities, citizen groups and public participation.

The government is providing a governance framework for these communities to come together and for the ecosystem to take shape.

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